Persistence Pays Off

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’ At school pick-up, Ryan Tan had left his bike outside Rosalie Park Primary School in Shenton Park for only 90 seconds…

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A Giant Comeback

On Thursday 19 December 2019 a thief entered a Wembley carport and cut the bike lock which secured two bicycles, and made off with them. On Friday 24 January 2020,…

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Quite A Coincidence

A property officer at Kensington Police Station entered the serial number of a stolen bike at the station and got a ‘ping’ in Bikelinc because the bike’s serial number had…

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I love my bike – now I love Bikelinc too

While I’ve been riding a bike as long as I can remember, I rediscovered road cycling about 15 years ago – and now I’m hooked. I ride with a large…

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