When Janelle woke on 15 November 2019, she was devastated to see that her beloved Merida mountain bike had been stolen from the back of her vehicle. Nicknamed ‘Redback Spider’ because of its red and black colours, it was stolen in the early hours after thieves cut the lock that secured it to her car’s bike carrier.

She was regularly out on her beloved Redback Spider, which enabled her to let her hair down and clear her head. “I had competed in many Augusta Adventure series with this bike and Dunsborough X Adventure games. Many good memories with family and friends and just getting out in nature and enjoying what the sights had to offer”, she said.

Janelle was devastated that Redback Spider was stolen from outside her house. “As I’m a nurse, I like to arrange things ready for the next morning and I thought a decent lock would be good enough to hold her to my bike carrier,” she commented.

Police seized Janelle’s bike from a house in the northern suburbs on 20 June as part of an investigation into another stolen bike.

She was very thankful for the efforts of the WA Police Force in finding it.

“I encourage my colleagues and my mountain bike enthusiasts to put their bike on Bikelinc in case they have something similar happen to them. Keep up the great work and thank you”.