Why use Bikelinc?

You want the best chance of being reunited with your bike if it’s lost or stolen.
And it works – read about some of the success stories thanks to Bikelinc.
It connects you, your bike, police & the cycling community
It’s an award-winning initiative, recognised by the Australian Institute of Criminology and Crime Stoppers International
Because you:
  • want your cycling lifestyle to continue without disruption
  • want to protect your bike/s
  • want police to get your bike back to you quickly & easily if lost or stolen
  • want to see a reduction in bike theft and bike thieves apprehended
  • want to join a community of cycling enthusiasts
  • enjoy bike riding as a form of commuting, recreation or sport
  • want to check if a bike for sale is listed as safe, lost or stolen
  • want to ensure people in the community aren’t buying stolen bikes unknowingly
  • like to support not-for-profit community organisations and charities.

Who uses Bikelinc?