• Developed by Crime Stoppers WA
  • Supported by P&N Bank, WestCycle, State & Federal Governments
  • Endorsed by the WA Police Force
  • Powered by the cycling community

Bikelinc was created in response to the frustration felt by the WA community regarding bike theft and the 9000+ bikes stolen in WA each year.

The WA Police Force were looking for a real-time, searchable tool to easily link bikes with their owners.

Talks began with Crime Stoppers WA to see what could be done to resolve the issue of bike theft: Bikelinc was on track.

People are wary of leaving a digital footprint and who has access to their personal information.  Crime Stoppers has earned a reputation for keeping people’s identity safe for nearly 25 years in WA.

The Bikelinc network of bike owners, the WA Police Force, the community and our supporters come together to make this work.