Who uses Bikelinc?

A whole community of bike-minded people who want to help reduce bike theft.


Bike owners – who want to stay connected with their bike/s, keep their wheels turning and be part of a cycling community that helps find lost or stolen bikes.  People who are thinking about buying a second-hand bike can check that it’s not stolen property.

Police in WA, ACT & TAS – who want an effective tool to help disrupt bike theft and be able to return bikes to their rightful owners.

Community members – who all want to create safer communities, help reduce bike theft, return lost or stolen bikes to their rightful owners and make it tougher for thieves.

Bike retailers – who want to keep their customers happy, their bikes safe, be seen as community-minded, increase the number of bike owners and be a supporter of Bikelinc.


Success Stories

What is Bikelinc?