Who uses Bikelinc?

A whole community of bike-minded people who want to help reduce bike theft.


Bike owners – who want to stay connected with their bike/s, keep their wheels turning and be part of a cycling community that helps find lost or stolen bikes.  People who are thinking about buying a second-hand bike can check that it’s not stolen property.

WA Police Force –  who want an effective tool to help disrupt bike theft and be able to return bikes to their rightful owners.

WA community – who all want to create a safer WA, help reduce bike theft, return lost or stolen bikes to their rightful owners and make it tougher for thieves.

Bike retailers – who want to keep their customers happy, their bikes safe, be seen as community-minded, increase the number of bike owners and be a supporter of Bikelinc.



“I have created my own profile. It was really easy, and as a bike store owner I would encourage all bike owners to put their bikes, and their family’s bikes, onto Bikelinc.”
Catherine, The Bicycle Entrepreneur, Perth

The Bikelinc website is such an amazing idea and we would love to promote it to our staff and students here on campus.
Lisa Monk, Safer Community Team, Curtin University, WA

I’m so glad I created a profile on Bikelinc.  If my bike is stolen again, Police will be able to easily find me and give my bike back.
Jane, North Perth


What is Bikelinc?