The first bike ever loaded onto Bikelinc in October 2019 was a black Trek Madone bike, kept in immaculate condition by its owner, Ian.

Five months later in March 2020, Ian’s Madone was forcefully wrenched out of a locked bike carrier on top of his car, while parked in Karawara. As soon as Ian realised his bike was gone, he reported it stolen to police on 131 444, changed the bike status from ‘safe’ to ‘stolen’ on Bikelinc, and used the Bikelinc sharing function to post a stolen alert on various social media platforms and sites. In the days following, he dropped off photos of his bike at local police stations in the hope it may be seen.

But really, what were the chances of Ian’s bike actually turning up at all?

Fast forward to June 2020. Constable Karen Spinelli from the Armadale Bike Team was about to enter Armadale Police Station when she noticed a familiar looking bike cable-locked to a post outside the station’s front door. Relying on her policing instincts, Karen stood guard by the bike while she checked its serial number on Bikelinc. Karen’s eye for detail and instincts were right – she had recalled from the photo inside the station that this may have been Ian’s bike.

Thanks to Bikelinc, a serial number check immediately confirmed ownership and Ian was contacted to say his best buddy had been found.

Investigations into how Ian’s bike got to be locked outside Armadale Police Station are continuing.

Pic – Armadale Bike Team Sergeant Simon Rimmer reuniting Ian with his Trek Madone