I’m not receiving activation or verification emails

If your activation or verification email hasn’t appeared in your Inbox, please check a few things which might explain the delay. Please check your junk/spam folders or the ‘Other’ tab…

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Adding & reviewing multiple bikes

Adding multiple bikes If adding more than one bike to your Bike Rack sounds like an uphill climb, we’ve streamlined the process to make it quicker and easier for you….

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What kind of bikes can be listed?

Bikes are now so much more than just the traditional push-bike, and Bikelinc accepts many of these new bike types. So you can add electric and power-assisted bikes, scooters, non-registerable…

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Can’t find the right model?

If you’ve listed your bike on Bikelinc recently but can’t find the right model in our drop-down list, it’s probably because it’s a new one which we’re not aware of. …

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How to transfer ownership of a bike

If you have bought a bike from someone else who is on Bikelinc, you can quickly and easily get the bike details transferred to your profile.  Anyone with a Bikelinc…

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What about e-rideable devices?

Bikelinc was created for bikes and other similar modes of transport which are not required to be registered with the Dept of Transport.  This includes electric and power-assisted bikes, scooters,…

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Reset my password

If you’ve forgotten your password or want to change/reset it, please go to the Sign In page and click on the green link ‘Reset password?’ which is under the green…

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