The time taken to return stolen bikes back to their owners can vary, but the speed of this reunion will be hard to beat.

Witnessing what looked like a stolen bike being dumped by some suspicious looking characters, prompted a good citizen to try and get it back to its rightful owner.

An enquiry at the local train station established that someone had reported a bike being stolen from there, but more needed to be done to reunite the owner with their bike.

Having consulted a social media expert about what they could do next, the rescuer was told about Bikelinc.  They found our website, entered the serial number to check the bike’s status which confirmed it was listed as stolen.

Using the secure email function, they contacted the owner who replied within just 10 minutes.  An hour later and keen to collect their bike, they met up with the rescuer, proved their identity and proof of purchase, and were very happy to take their bike home.

This is a great example of how the community can help reunite stolen bikes with owners without having to take up police time and resources, which can then be directed elsewhere.