Bikelinc’s wheels have been turning for just over 3 years and we’ve now reached 50,000 bikes listed on the platform.

How did we get this far?  Well, there are many spokes in the wheel which have contributed to this success.

To name just a few, thanks to the support in WA, ACT and Tasmania from:

  • the cycling community
  • police officers
  • new and second-hand bike retailers
  • proactive community members doing the right thing
  • community safety groups promoting Bikelinc
  • local government crime prevention groups

As cycling evolves, it’s not just the traditional 2-wheeled variety you can list on Bikelinc, but we accept e-bikes & e-scooters, non-registerable off-road bikes, hand cycles, mobility scooters or bike trailers.  If it has a unique serial number, that can be searched and connected to its owner.

Bikelinc was developed as a community solution to a community problem and has been embraced by everyone interested in getting stolen bikes back to their rightful owners.

It’s free to join, we don’t send you spam or try and persuade you to buy things.

The success stories we’ve heard about to date illustrate just how Bikelinc has worked and put the smile back on the dial of some of our cycling community.

In WA, it’s estimated that 60% of households have at least one bike, so there are still lots of people out there who haven’t yet heard of or joined Bikelinc.  Tell them about it, so they don’t have to stop pedalling or enjoying their cycling lifestyle for long if their bike gets stolen.

Get into gear and make your bike one of the next 50,000 to be protected by Bikelinc.