When Luke bought his new bike, the team at 99 Bikes advised him to list it on Bikelinc, and oh boy is he glad he did.

In mid-September, brazen thieves managed to access a Maylands apartment complex’s securely locked car park by squeezing through a gap in the top of the gating system. Despite Luke’s bike being diligently secured to a bike rack with both a robust D-lock and a cable lock, the thieves resorted to cutting the bolts from the wall and making off with the locked bike on the frame.

Five weeks later, Luke received a secure email via Bikelinc from a kind-hearted individual who had discovered his bike near Canning Bridge. Luke and the honest finder exchanged pertinent details to establish the bike’s rightful ownership and they arranged for him to retrieve his prized possession.

Now, Luke is really happy to continue his daily commute and enjoy leisurely rides on his mountain bike.

He has also joined forces with the 99 Bikes team in encouraging fellow cyclists to take the same straightforward precautions. “I would definitely recommend everyone who purchases a bike to add the information and photos etc onto Bikelinc.  If it was not for this website I would not have got my bike back,” Luke concluded.