Mark proudly pedalled his new bike home from the shop, but just five days later his excitement was cut short when his prized possession was stolen, along with other bikes and personal treasures.

Late last year thieves broke into his house and accessed the garage through an internal door.  Security camera footage showed the culprits carefully lifting three bikes over his parked car and making their exit back through the front door.

After reporting the incident to police, officers promptly retrieved two of the stolen bikes from a nearby laneway.  These were more than likely dumped because the thieves soon realised one was pretty old and the other had electronic gearing which wouldn’t get them far because the battery was almost flat.  However, the brand new bike was nowhere to be seen.

Although a friend first told Mark about Bikelinc three years ago, like many of us he had good intentions but just hadn’t got around to joining.  Luckily it’s not too late to add your bike details even after a theft, as long as you have the unique serial number which Mark fortunately did.

Someone had taken his bike into 99 Bikes for repair, because by now it was badly damaged and unrideable.  As they often do, the bike shop team did a serial number search on Bikelinc and discovered it was listed as stolen.  They used the secure contact form to connect with Mark who was suitably impressed at the effectiveness of being on Bikelinc.  Thanks to his insurance he has an identical replacement to ride to work and has now enjoyed more than just one day of cycling on his new bike.

He has also joined the growing list of people prompting bike owners to join Bikelinc (it’s free and easy to do).

There were hundreds of bikes recently auctioned by WA Police which had been sitting in lost property.  So many of these could have been reunited with their owners if they were listed on Bikelinc.

Don’t delay, join today.