On Thursday 19 December 2019 a thief entered a Wembley carport and cut the bike lock which secured two bicycles, and made off with them.

On Friday 24 January 2020, police were called regarding a suspicious person sighted on Herdsman Parade, who was seen entering people’s cars.  Police attended and questioned the individual regarding the items in his possession.  Also discovered with the suspect was a GIANT Sedona AX mountain bike which he said was his.  The suspect claimed he purchased the bike legitimately from Gumtree three months earlier.  Police used Bikelinc which revealed that the bike had been reported ‘stolen’.  Police were able to discount his ‘stories’ and he was arrested.

Police returned the bike back to the happy bike owner.  Luckily the bike’s serial number was recorded on Bikelinc which allowed the police to seize this bike immediately.

Thanks to Bikelinc, WA Police now have a timely means to quickly obtain the necessary information in which to arrest offenders and return bikes back to their legitimate owners.