If you’ve included the code EN14781 when entering your bike’s serial number, you’re not the only one!

A number of bikes have been uploaded onto the system with EN14781 listed as either the ‘frame serial number’ or ‘other serial number’.

We’ve discovered that EN14781 is actually an import number found on many bikes, including (but not limited to) the brands of Cannondale, Cervelo BMC, Scott, Focus and Bianchi.  For example, Cannondale’s website states “Do not enter the EN14781 number found on the bike’s downtube; this is an import code present on all bikes.

We therefore encourage you to look again at your bike and, if possible, locate and note down the legitimate serial number, should it be visible on your bike, and update your details on Bikelinc accordingly.

This will enable the community and WA Police Force to more quickly and effectively locate a bike’s owner should a lost or stolen bike be recovered.

With thanks from the Bikelinc team.