How did a Scottish FIFO worker get stuck in WA, buy a bike, have it stolen, then give it away nearly a year later thanks to Bikelinc?  Read on.

“Originally from Scotland, I had been a FIFO worker in WA for nearly three years when COVID struck in February 2020 and I became stuck in Australia.  My company put me up at the Nesuto Mounts Bay apartments until October that year and I continued working from the apartment with trips up to Broome to go offshore.

Because outdoor exercise was permitted during COVID restrictions, I bought a bike from TBE (The Bicycle Entrepreneur) on Hay Street, who wisely introduced me to Bikelinc.

My bike was stored and locked under the apartments in the secure card entry car park when it was stolen.  Management were more than helpful trying to find the thief; we reviewed CCTV footage and had some images of who we thought were the culprits, who had opportunistically entered the car park while the roller door was closing after a car had driven in.

I reported the theft to WA Police at the time but heard nothing until nearly a year later.  The police informed me that they had raided a premises, my bike was there and they managed to trace me through Bikelinc and the police report I’d made.  The end result was the thief was prosecuted and fined $2000 for stealing my bike and a number of others found during the raid whose alleged ownership was ‘questionable’,

Surprisingly the police told me the bike was in excellent condition when they recovered it, but because I was back in Scotland I asked the officer to hand the bike over to a friend of mine for his son.  I’d also like to add the police were exemplary in this event.”

So…it can sometimes take a while, but bikes can be reunited with their rightful owner long after the theft.