When we say register your bike, what we mean is create a profile on Bikelinc which links you, your bike and its unique serial number with your personal details.

The reason we avoid using the term ‘bike register’ is that people can associate that with licensing and registration databases where fees and charges apply.  Bikelinc is a free community tool for the whole cycling community to help reduce bike theft and keep bikes with their rightful owners.

When you register your bike with other organisations, some are simply a record of your bike details for future reference and to provide information to insurance companies.  Bikelinc is a real-time tool that authorised police can search when they’re out and about and may need to establish the correct ownership of a bike.  The public can also search Bikelinc to check that a 2nd hand bike isn’t listed as stolen.  Personal details are only accessible by you as the bike profile owner and authorised police.

Create a Profile (register your bike) now, or if you’d like more help with setting one up go to How To Get Started