If you’re already comfortable with online forms, please feel free to Create A Profile now.

If you’d prefer to follow some instructions as you go through the form, here’s a step-by-step guide on setting up a free Bikelinc profile.

Your Details:

  1. Firstly click on Create Profile.
  2. Select whether you are a Bike Owner or Bike Retailer, then click Next.
  3. Your Details – enter the requested details, including a strong password, then click Done.
  4. You then need to check your email Inbox where you will receive an activation email sent to the address you provided.  Click on the link in this email to activate your Bikelinc profile.  If you can’t see the email in your Inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.

Your Bike/s:

  1. You can then Sign in at any time to complete your profile and add your bike/s details.  When you sign in, two factor authentication (2FA) is used to protect your personal data.
  2. Firstly, go to your garage, shed or wherever you keep the bike/s you’d like to add to your Bikelinc profile.
  3. Locate each bike’s serial number which is usually found underneath the bottom bracket.  Other places it could be located are the headset, chain stays or seat tube.  Write down or take a photo of the serial number.
  4. Also make a note of the bike brand, type, colour and any other distinguishing features.
  5. Then go back to Bikelinc, Sign In, click on Add A Bike and enter your bike details, remembering the bike Frame Serial Number which helps to identify your bike and connect it to you.
  6. In the Gallery, upload any images of your bike/s which will help with identification.  Include a photo of the frame serial number.
  7. In the ‘Status’ field, please select the appropriate option – Safe, Lost or Stolen.
  8. Add the bike’s home location address details.
  9. Select the bike type, brand and model by clicking on the arrows to reveal a drop-down menu of options.
  10. Predominant frame colour – type this in to help with identification of your bike.  Select the frame size, material and any other distinguishing features.
  11. For Ownership Details, add as much information as you can, then click Done.

Your Profile:

  • At any time, you can log in into your Bikelinc profile, go to your Bike Rack to add more bikes and personal details, update your profile, change a bike’s status, view your bikes, add proof of purchase or transfer ownership.
  • If your bike is lost or stolen and you have made a police report, please find the corresponding bike in your Bike Rack and enter the relevant police report number in the Status field.